Safer, Faster, Easier Data Access

Generate lookalike datasets
AI models generate lookalike data sets that preserve key statistical properties in your regulated data, preserving the value of data to drive insights.

Comply with privacy laws
Real-time privacy certifications guarantee generated data sets comply with major privacy laws, eliminating risk of fines and data breaches.

Avoid workflow disruptions
Connect to data sources and data tools through standard database connections, reducing the cost of system integration and avoiding disruption to existing workflows.

Guarantee Compliance with Legal Requirements

Simulate attacks with generated data
Subsalt simulates sophisticated privacy attacks on generated data to ensure it meets regulatory requirements for anonymization.

Conduct privacy audits
Regular audits of privacy thresholds, methods, and emergent privacy risks ensures state of the art performance.

Automate and scale compliance
The result is automatic and scalable compliance through data anonymization. Request a copy of our most recent third-party privacy audit.

Scalable anonymization through fully-synthetic data

Preserve statistical patterns through AI
Unlike data masking or encryption, AI generated synthetic data preserves important statistical patterns in your data.

Eliminate risk of attack
Without a one-to-one connection to real, regulated records, Subsalt’s fully-synthetic data provides strong protection against common re-identification attacks.

Optimize data quality automatically
Subsalt’s query engine handles synthetic data generation and optimizes synthetic data quality for each use case without manual configuration or tuning.

Works With Your
Existing Data Stack

Get off-the-shelf connections
Off-the-shelf connections to your existing data sources.

Query Subsalt's SQL
Existing data analysis tools can query Subsalt’s SQL interface and retrieve data, just like any other cloud data platform or data lake.

Accommodate security requirements
Flexible deployment options to accommodate security and architecture requirements.