Your Regulated Data

Subsalt's Generative Database makes high-quality anonymized data available throughout your enterprise, ensures compliance with HIPAA and other  data privacy laws, and unlocks the value of your regulated data.

Grant Access to Regulated Data 95% Faster

Organizations that use Subsalt's Generative Database can use regulated data at unregulated speed without risking fines or penalties


Generate and manage fully-synthetic lookalike data that is audited in real-time for compliance with HIPAA and other major  data protection laws


Reduce time-to-data by 95% for internal teams, partners, and researchers by eliminating the need for data governance, security, and privacy reviews


Integrate Subsalt's Generative Database into existing data tools and workflows through a Postgres-compatible SQL endpoint

The tool your lawyers and data scientists both ❤️

How Subsalt unlocks anonymous data at scale.

Anonymization is the best way to protect users', patients', and customers' data. Subsalt is the first platform built to enable the use of anonymous data at enterprise scale.

Dynamic Noise

Subsalt's Generative Database dynamically optimizes the tradeoffs between data privacy and fidelity to the source data.

Schema Preservation

Users specify the schema for anonymized data, ensuring that data is structured for analysis and matches production data formats.

Guaranteed Privacy

Subsalt provides compliance guarantees supported by third-party audits that satisfy HIPAA's Expert Determination standard.

Flexible Deployment

Subsalt supports multiple deployment models to meet the unique privacy and security requirements of each client.

Trust and Security

Subsalt is SOC2-Type 2 and HIPAA compliant, and the system has been designed to minimize the risk of exposure or breach of real data.

Easy Integration

Existing data and ML tools integrate directly with Subsalt's Posgres-compatible SQL interface, making adoption a breeze