The Query Engine for Regulated Data

Query your enterprise data without risk of non-compliance, user consent issues, or data breaches.

Subsalt transforms privacy compliance from a legal process into a query-time automation by leveraging generative models to anonymize regulated enterprise data.

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Exempt Data Can be Shared 95% Faster than Regulated Data

By eliminating long and expensive compliance reviews, data request committees, and custom data masking, customers have unlocked fast, safe, and easy access to their most valuable data

“Once we proved that your core capability is generating high quality synthetic data that can't be re-identified and you receive an Expert Determination report with every data set, we knew Subsalt was the right partner.”

Mukundan Agaram

VP of Knowledge and Data Science, Roosevelt Innovations

“Subsalt allows me to empower my team and vendors to move more quickly and have greater impact, without trading off our obligations to protect our patients' data.”

Nathan Patrick Taylor

Chief Information Officer

The tool your lawyers and data scientists both ❤️

How Subsalt unlocks anonymous data at scale

Anonymization is the best way to protect users', patients', and customers' data. Subsalt is the first platform built to enable the use of anonymous data at enterprise scale.

Dynamic Noise

Subsalt's Query Engine dynamically optimizes the tradeoffs between data privacy and fidelity to the source data.

Schema Preservation

Queries return fully-synthetic data that preserves row-level granularity and data formats without disruptive data transformations.

Guaranteed Privacy

Subsalt provides compliance guarantees supported by third-party audits that satisfy HIPAA's Expert Determination standard.

Flexible Deployment

Subsalt supports multiple deployment models to meet the unique privacy and security requirements of each client.

Trust and Security

Subsalt is SOC2-Type 2 and HIPAA compliant. The system has been designed to minimize the risk of exposure or breach of real data.

Easy Integration

Existing data and ML tools integrate directly with Subsalt's Postgres-compatible SQL interface, making adoption a breeze