We're on a mission to unlock the value of sensitive data

We believe that data can be used to make the world healthier, more fair, and more efficient. That is only possible if we all trust that when we share private data, it will be used responsibly. We build products that help organizations protect data and earn that trust from their customers and patients.

Subsalt was founded to make it faster, safer, and easier to share and use regulated data

We have more data to inform our decisions than we've ever had, and that data has the potential to power a better, fairer, and more efficient society. But with this emergent power comes new responsibilities to protect sensitive information about users, customers, patients, and citizens. These new responsibilities are increasingly formalized in modern data protection laws that increase the penalties for organizations that don't take these responsibilities seriously.

We're motivated by the potential of technology to balance the value of a more data-informed society with the imperative to protect sensitive data. We aspire to empower organizations to move fast without moving recklessly or putting sensitive information at risk. And the best way to balance these opportunities and risks is to provide a way for organizations to anonymize their sensitive data at scale and to the requisite legal standard.

Subsalt's Generative Database uses state of the art machine learning and generative AI to create anonymized versions of enterprise data that carry strong protections against re-identification and preserve data utility across analytical tasks like model training, analytics, and research. Data produced by Subsalt can be shared and accessed without legal, risk, and compliance reviews, unlocking the value in sensitive data.

What is "Subsalt"?

Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data be broken down, analyzed for it to have value.” — Clive Humby, 2006

Subsalt is a type of oil reserve that sits below layers of salt. Because of the geological characteristics of these salt shelves, the tools used to evaluate oil fields were insufficient for subsalt. Recent advances in technology have unlocked these valuable reserves.

Sensitive data is, like subsalt oil, an underutilized asset with enormous unrealized value. Technology has only recently advanced to allow the necessary "refinement" of regulated data into data products that can be safely, quickly, and easily shared and used. We're committed to making this technology available and adoptable at enterprise scale to help organizations realize the unrealized value in their sensitive data.

Meet the Subsalt team

Ben Winokur

Co-founder and CEO

David Singletary

Co-founder and CRO

Luke Segars

Co-founder and CTO

Phil Endres

VP of Growth

Nathan Nguyen

Product Engineer

Dylan Moradpour

Founding Data Scientist

Dominic Suanico

Operational Specialist